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You can find information about shipping, delivery, returning, cancellation, terms ands conditions and our disclaimer on our customer service page. If you have other questions, please check if you can find the answer below in our FAQ’s. If you still have questions left, you can send us an email here.

  • General

    • What is the best way to scrape off the layer?
      A metallic object without sharp edges like a round coin is the best choice for the DELUXE Scrape Map©. We used high quality laminated paper that is scratch resistant with normal use. We recommend to scrape the layer off gentle with care. When you use a metal object with sharp edges or when you use a lot of pressure it may damage the finish.
    • What’s the best way to keep my Scrape Map in shape?
      For most people this Scrape Map is a gadget that will stay with you for years. If you intend to move your Map from time to time we recommend to frame your map. The measurements of the Map are a standard poster size (91,5cm x 61cm) so you don’t need to go to an expensive framer, just surf on the Internet to choose a beautiful frame to keep your Scrape Map in the best shape.
    • How can I personalize the Scrape Map?
      By scraping off the places you’ve visited, you can see in a glance where you’ve been, so it becomes personalized to your travels. There is also a bucket list included, that you can fill in yourself and tick off. We recommend to us a pencil so you can re-use the bucket list over and over. It’s also fun to add your own pictures and ticket around the map, feel free to add whatever you like to make it your personal travel-artwork and re-live all your memories. And don’t forget to send us a picture of it!
    • I’ve Scraped off the wrong place, can I repair that?
      Once the layer is scraped off it cannot be sticked back. To prevent this, we marked all countries and even the capitals so the chance that this will happen is minimal.
    • I want to see how the Scrape Map looks like under the layer, is there a preview where I can see that?
      We can understand that you are curious how the map looks when everything is scraped off. Lots of hidden details are there to be discovered. We believe it is a lot more fun to keep this a secret so we decided not to reveal the whole ‘unscraped’ map on our website. But if you can’t handle your curiosity, just drop us an email and we will show you the hidden parts.
    • There is a city I’ve visited that’s not marked on the map, why not?
      We designed the map as a cool gadget, and tried to make it as accurate as possible. The size of this map is large so even tiny islands and lots of details are included on the map. However the production process of this 5 layered map is complicated and we are limited to the size of the individual countries, so not all capital names and cities fit in. We are always open for suggestions so feel free to leave your feed back to improve this map.
    • What materials did you use for the DELUXE Scrape Map?
      Quality is very important to us so we only used the best materials. The DELUXE Scrape Map© is printed on luxurious thick paper, all over coated with scratch resistant laminate for the ultimate protection. We also used local spot-shine effects to give the map an even more luxurious look and feel. For the finishing touch we covered the scrape layer with a sophisticated cool grey colour.
    • Can you frame the Scrape Map?
      Yes, very easy since the size is a ‘standard’ large poster size.
    • What size is the Scrape Map?
      This large map has a size of 91,6cm x 61cm.
    • Are there other Scrape Maps?
      Not yet but we are working on it! We are planning to bring out a version from Europe and individual countries. If you have places you think we should create a map for feel free to email your suggestion here.
    • This Scrape Map is gorgeous but I want one 100% personalized with my pictures, can you do that?
      Yes we can however…. we can’t make single custom made maps but we do create maps with customized details for orders of 1,000 pieces or more, for example for companies who want their branches or names marked on the map. If you would like to discuss having a run of custom maps made please send us an email here.
    • I am a shop owner and would like to sell Scrape Maps, can I buy some for re-selling?
      Yes of course! Just drop us an emailand let us know in which country your shop is located and we will help you.
    • I would like to promote Scrape Maps, do you have an affiliate program?
      Yes we have! You can find all details about our affiliate program here.
    • I am so excited about my personalized Scape Map, can I share it on your site with others?
      We would love to see how your Scrape Map looks on your wall! If you want to show your map and want a place on our blogplease drop us an email with your pictures, from time to time we post these pictures. You can also stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can post your pictures on our Facebook Page and tag your photos #scrapemap #scrapemaps and use @scrapemaps for Twitter and Instagram.

  • Shipping / Delivery

    • I live in The Netherlands, what are my delivery options?
      We ship with My Parcel / TNT Post. You will receive the map in a gift tube especially designed for the DELUXE Scrape Map©. We will additionally wrap the tube since we want you to get the whole package undamaged. Delivery will take 1-2 working days on average. Occasionally it can take a few days longer so we ask you to wait 5 working days before contacting Customer Service for assistance.
    • I don’t live in the The Netherlands, what are my delivery options?
      International shipping is all sent via My parcel / TNT post, prices vary according to the destination. We don’t ship worldwide yet. To check your delivery options you can either head through to the checkoutand enter your delivery address, or watch here for a full list of destinations, prices and estimated delivery times.
    • Can I pick the Map up instead of shipping, is that possible?
      Unfortunately we don’t sell Maps from our head office, we only sell them from our warehouse to ship. However there are shops in The Netherlands that sell our map, if you want to know if there is a shop in the near of you, just send us an email.
    • I placed an order but didn’t get a confirmation email – why not?
      It sometimes happens that the confirmation email hops into your spam folder by mistake, check there and if not send us an email here.
    • I can’t find shipping costs to my country, why not?
      In some countries customs are difficult to deal with so we don’t ship worldwide yet, check here for our shipping destinations. If your location isn’t on the list get in touch with us here. We might be able to point you in the direction of a shop.
    • My Map arrived but the tube is damaged
      We are so sorry! To prevent this we only ship the tube in an additional carton package. In the rare occasion that shipment damaged both the package and the tube, we’ll get it sorted as soon as possible. Just get in touch with customer services here.

  • Returning / Cancellation

    • Can I return the item when I am not satisfied?
      Yes you can always send us the Map back. We will grant you 14 days (from the date that you received the Map) to judge if your purchase is satisfactory. Within this period you can return the product. You can take a close look at the product just like you would do in a shop and see if it lives up to your expectations. We will refund your money within 14 days. Return shipment is not included for refund. Exception is when the product is damaged or when it has a technical problem, then we will pay for your return shipment and you will get a new Scrape Map from us. You can find our full returning policy here. If you have your doubts whether you can still return your product then please contact us on
    • How do I send the product back?
      If you are not satisfied with the product then please return it to us in the original packing and unused. If the product has a technical problem, please contact us immediately. You will find instructions in your order how to handle your return. We will refund your money -excluding the delivery costs- within 14 days. Return shipment is not included for refund. Exception is when the product is damaged or when it has a technical problem, then we will refund your return shipment and you will get a new Scrape Map from us.
    • I changed my mind and don’t want my order any more, what do I do?
      If the package is not shipped yet, just get in touch with the customer services team hereand we will cancel the order for you. When the package is already send to you, please check our return policy here.