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The creation of the Scrape Map

The Story Behind...

The Scrape map is designed with passion and love for travelling, by Miranda Aresu from The Netherlands. After 12 years she decided to quit her home and job as a certified accountant to travel – on her own- around the world. She booked -without any plan- a single ticket to Beijing (China) to just see what happens from there. ‘The best decision I ever made’ quotes Miranda. She had a bucket list and made a lot of things happen from her list. For example she dove with sharks in The Great Barrier Reef, she climbed the Chinese Wall, cuddled a giant panda in China and survived a heavy cyclone in Fiji (by the way that was not on her bucket list). When she came back in The Netherlands, she was fullof inspiration and travel experiences that she wanted to share.

‘My mission is to create a mega cool travellers map that will make globetrotters smile every time they look at it’ thus Miranda. What she wanted to prevent is that beautiful travel memories fade away to the background. To realize this, she founded her company ARESU Creations in 2013 and started designing the Scrape Map. Not just another ‘boring’ map but a luxurious one with a lot of details and beautiful images, to re-live the travel feeling. Everything on the map is either personally designed, photographed or painted to make this a truly unique map.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”


The 1rst Scrape Map, the World edition DELUXE, is launched in 2014. It did not happen overnight, it took her 1,5 years to create and produce the map. This whole adventure, designing and managing a company, was new to her so there were a lot of ‘obstacles’ to overcome. However no obstacle did stop her. ‘Believe in your dreams and do whatever it takes, than you will get there’ is what she always says. ‘Don’t stay in your comfort zone, outside your comfort zone is where the magic begins’. The outcome is indeed a luxurious and innovative Map. She already made a lot of travellers happy with her one of a kind Map, and that was the whole purpose!


One mission may be completed: the next edition of a Scrape Map is already in progress. Which one that is, will remain a surprise. If you want to follow Miranda and stay updated about her adventures, you can connect with her on:

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